BleedArrest® is no longer available, the product line has been discontinued.

Sorry for the inconvience, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you.

Technical Information


Hemostasis wound dressings are intended for use as a topical dressing for management of bleeding.

Foam Instructions:

1. Tear open BleedArrest pouch and remove hemostat foam pad.
2. Blot excess blood from wound with gauze pad.
3. Insert foam pad into nostril or apply to bleeding wound.
4. Apply pressure for 2 minutes or until bleeding stops.
5. Once hemostasis is achieved, remove product from the wound site.

Removal Tips: BleedArrest nasal strips can be removed from your nose using any process you would normally use to clear your nostril, or can be flushed out using a saline rinse if desired.

Powder Instructions:

1. Tear open BleedArrest pouch.
2. Blot excess blood from wound with gauze pad.
3. Apply liberal amount of BleedArrest particles from pouch or bellows applicator to cover wound.
4. Apply gauze over BleedArrest powder and press firmly for 2 minutes or until bleeding stops. If bleeding
continues, repeat steps 3 and 4.
5. Wrap and secure bandage around wound to maintain pressure.
6. Discard any unused product after opening.


• Sterility not guaranteed if package is damaged or opened. Discard damaged or open packages.
• If you are unable to stop the bleeding with the use of this product, seek professional healthcare immediately.
• Keep away from children.
• Do not eat.


For detailed information regarding indications for use, warnings and precautions, see Instructions for Use.

Content taken from DW-0090 Rev. B and DW-0091 Rev. B

BleedArrest Foam Instructions
BleedArrest Foam Instructions