Committed to Innovation

In addition to offering a broad base of surgical hemostats for a wide variety of markets, Hemostasis is on the forefront of research and development with our team of polymer scientists and chemists.

Hemostasis is currently developing an advanced tissue sealant, which will be suited for the vessel anastomosis, dural and lung sealant markets. Our Design Engineering Team is developing a patent-pending applicator to make the preparation of the sealant very user friendly and reduce operating room costs.

Hemostasis’ polymer scientists are also developing a variety of bioabsorbable bone sealants, which have potential implications for facial reconstruction, skull based surgeries, sternotomies and other orthopedic surgeries where bone bleeding can be problematic. Initial studies show this platform to be highly biocompatible with a rapid re-absorption rate of less than four weeks. On top of this, initial studies show promising bone re-growth potential with our bone sealant. 

Our scientists are also developing new ENT hemostat and spacer technologies with antibacterial and anti-adhesion properties. 

As an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturing company with large capacity freeze-drying and other manufacturing capabilities, Hemostasis offers custom manufacturing of medical devices for OEMs.