Ordering Information

To place an international order, or for more information on NexStat or our other medical technologies, please contact our customer service department at +1 (866) 612-2568.

Description: NexStat® Topical Hemostatic Powder

How Supplied:
NexStat Topical Hemostat Powder is packaged with five (5) sterile units per carton. One (1) sterile unit contains 3 grams of hemostat powder in a compressible bellows and three (3) flexible applicator tips. NexStat Topical Hemostat Powder is terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation.

Storage and Handling:
NexStat Topical Hemostat Powder should be stored at room temperature. Once product package is opened, contents may be subject to contamination. Discard any unused product after opening.